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Ottawa Lawyer Suggests Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

Ottawa Lawyer Suggests Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

Your home is the most expensive purchase you will likely ever make. It is also the place where you and your family will spend most of your time. As such, you owe it to yourself to have a thorough home inspection completed prior to purchase. In this video, we demonstrate some of the latest technology available to home inspectors which, if used properly, could uncover hidden problems in your potential new home.  

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Why Should I have a Home Inspection Completed Prior to Purchasing My Home?

The main reason you will need to have a thorough home inspection completed prior to purchase is to determine whether the home suffers from any defects.  In particular, it is important to attempt to locate any undisclosed, or latent defects.  Undisclosed, or latent home defects can lurk beneath the surface and cause serious stress and financial harm. These defects can threaten the structural integrity of the home, and may even be hazardous to the health of the occupants.  They are also the source of numerous costly lawsuits between buyers and sellers.   

Undisclosed Home Defects

Many undisclosed, or latent home defects (such as missing insulation, insect infestations and water seepage) can now be easily discovered by home inspectors using new technology, such as Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) to measure temperature differentials in walls, floors and ceilings.  In the past, these problems were nearly impossible to locate without first opening the walls, digging up the foundation, etc.   It is very important to locate any hidden issues, as these defects can compromise the structural integrity of the home or even put the health and safety of the residents at risk. If your resale home has any issues with undisclosed defects and a negligent party is to blame, you should consult a lawyer immediately to seek a legal remedy.

Click here to discover everything you need to know about undisclosed home defects.

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