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At Mullowney’s, we provide outstanding service to our Ottawa clients that are both transparent and affordable. We are a full-service law firm in Ottawa. We value our clients and believe that clients and law firms are best served when the interests of both are aligned. Our Ottawa lawyer represents clients in numerous practice areas of law, including:

○ Personal Injury Lawyer
○ Estate Litigation Lawyer
○ Malpractice Lawyer
○ Will Probate Lawyer
○ Negligence Lawyer 
○ Contract Disputes Lawyer 
○ Debt Collection Lawyer

○ Loan & Mortgage Default Lawyer

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    t Mullowney’s, we believe the hourly billing model is not always in the interest of clients, or law firms. Hourly billing often provides clients with little certainty regarding costs and its incentives for lawyers can at times result in perceived overbilling. As a result, we offer alternative forms of billing, such as flat-rate and contingency fee-based retainers. This approach helps to align our firm’s interests with those of our clients by promoting the successful resolution of cases in a more time and cost-effective manner.

    In a tough economy, clients are always looking to economize, leading them to firms where they perceive better value is being offered. This is where Mullowney’s excels. Mullowney’s is not heavily leveraged (i.e., employing a large number of full-time associates). Mullowney’s makes use of networked associates and support staff and hires them on an as-needed basis. This results in more effective legal representation, which is also more cost effective.

    Most litigation is expensive. Trials are becoming priced outside the reach of the average litigant – not just the individual, but also the average corporate litigant. Mullowney’s recognizes this fact and strives to find ways to make litigation more affordable. We believe that the ability of individuals and corporations to go to court and have their disputes resolved must be preserved. It is important to our concept of the rule of law and it is what makes commerce work more efficiently.

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