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Mullowneys represents both plaintiffs and defendants in professional malpractice actions, including medical, legal, and financial malpractice. Our lawyers’ expertise in matters concerning the duties professionals owe their clients makes us particularly well-suited in this area.

Mullowney’s Law Firm can assist you in medical malpractice cases. Paramedics, nurses, physicians and dentists who are entrusted with the responsibility to safely perform their duties and above all “do no harm” may be liable in a malpractice case through actions which are negligent, careless, or ignorant. Fraud and misrepresentation are other instances in which you may have a viable medical malpractice case.

Mullowneys lawyers can also assist you with other instances of professional malpractice, including lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and insurance agents. If the errant actions of a professional individual, service, or organization has caused you physical or financial harm, Mullowneys can help you seek legal recourse.

Why should you choose Mullowneys for your malpractice case? We are attentive and care about your personal well-being. Mullowneys lawyers are committed to finding successful legal solutions to resolve your malpractice claim.

Everyone deserves ethical treatment where a professional relationship exists. Malpractice, violations of trust, and negligence can cause serious physical, psychological and financial harm to individuals. Trust a malpractice lawyer at Mullowneys to fight for your rights and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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