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You rely on contracts to define the bounds of an agreement, whether it be a mortgage or sales contract. When someone breaches a contract, it is more than a violation of trust. Contract disputes can cause serious financial harm and undue emotional stress. If you are the wronged party in a contract dispute, you have a right to seek compensation. At Mullowney’s Law Firm, our Ottawa contract dispute lawyers fight to protect your interests and are committed to finding successful legal resolutions.

Contract disputes can cover a wide range of agreements. Mullowneys can assist with numerous types of contract disputes, including:

  • Unpaid Invoices or Loans
  • Mortgage Actions / Power of Sale
  • Contractor Agreements / Construction Liens
  • Service Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Insurance Recovery
  • And More

Contract disputes may also involve a disagreement over the terms, definitions, or conditions of a contract. If the contract is not mutually agreed upon by all parties, then the contract may be legally contested. Mullowneys uses all available resources to represent your legal interests in a contract dispute case effectively.

Why should you hire a contract dispute lawyer from Mullowneys for your case? We are dedicated to serving your legal needs and finding effective resolutions to your contract dispute. Whether you wish to challenge the validity of a contract based on the terms and conditions, or are owed monetary compensation as a result of a breach of contract, Mullowneys can help you find the right legal solution. Mullowneys Law offers affordable, professional, and experienced legal services in Ottawa to help address your contract dispute case and find you the resolution you deserve.


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