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What to Do After a Serious Trip and Fall

Have you or has someone you know experienced an injury as a result of a bad slip & fall accident? Your first steps should be to seek medical help and make sure all victims are ok. Next call police services to report the accident. Document witnesses and evidence and take notes. Finally, consult personal injury lawyers to help you receive fair and just compensation.

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a lawyer at the best of times isn’t easy. Trying to find a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured, only adds to the difficulty.  Check out our latest video on how to find a personal injury lawyer here: YouTube No time to watch a video? Here are a few quick tips: Specialization Look for […]

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Understanding Damages in a Personal Injury Case

“Personal Injury” is a legal term for an injury to a person’s body, mind or emotions, as opposed to one’s property or reputation. A personal injury can be something as minor as a few cuts and scrapes following a slip and fall accident, or it can extend to include catastrophic physical injuries and even death. […]

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How to Prevent Slip & Fall Injuries around the Pool

What starts as a fun day basking in the sun and splashing around in the cool waters of a pool can quickly turn sour due to a slip and fall injury. Whether you slip on a wet concrete surface at a home pool or trip over a hazardous object left lying around at a public […]

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Helpful Tips Slip & Fall March 3, 2015

5 Tips for a Safe Winter Season

Ottawa residents know all too well the dangers of walking on ice-covered sidewalks and driveways during our harsh Canadian winters. Read these tips to help avoid a painful slip and fall accident next winter. Don’t forget to be a Good Samaritan and help your elderly neighbours stay safe too.

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Helpful Tips Slip & Fall February 17, 2015

Dos and Don’ts of a Slip and Fall Accident

The actions you take in the moments following a slip & fall accident are extremely important should you seek damages for the harm suffered. That’s why we recommend following this list of dos and don’ts. Don’t lose control, blame yourself, or walk away from the scene. Do seek medical attention, report the incident, and contact a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights.