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5 Tips for a Safe Winter Season

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5 Tips for a Safe Winter Season

With snowy and icy conditions in full effect, pedestrians are at increased risk for painful falls and accidents. You can lose your balance or slip on the icy ground and end up with bruises, broken bones, or worse. To help avoid these unfortunate incidents, Ottawa slip and fall lawyers recommend the following suggestions to stay safe when walking outdoors this winter:

Plan Ahead

Make sure to check the weather forecast regularly. If frozen rain is expected or upcoming cold temperatures will cause surfaces to freeze over, then plan ahead so you can avoid walking on those days. Do your errands in advance and make sure you are stocked up on groceries and other necessities so you don’t need to go outside and risk a slip and fall accident on particularly bad days.

Shovel & Salt

It is very important to make sure your driveway, path, and outdoor stairs are free of snow and ice. Shovel as soon as possible following snowfall and regularly lay down sand or salt to help melt ice on your property. Slip and fall lawyers advise that these measures will help protect you from falling, and will also help keep visitors, postal workers, and delivery persons safe while on your property.

Wear Proper Footwear

If you must walk outside, it is very important to wear proper footwear to help guard against falls on the slippery ground. Wear high-quality boots with good tread to prevent slips. You may also decide to purchase ice guards, which you can wear on your boots to increase traction. On particularly bad days, using a walking pole or cane with an ice pick is also advisable.

Walk With Caution

Above all, you should take care to walk with caution. Slip and fall lawyers advise you to move slowly and don’t assume the ground is ice-free, even if it appears to be so. Ice that is hidden under a deceptive layer of snow can be particularly hazardous. It is best to have your arms free for balance, so avoid walking with your hands in your pockets or carrying too many bags which make it difficult to regain balance if you begin to stumble.

Help Out Your Neighbours

While you may feel comfortable navigating around the city as a pedestrian, you should be particularly mindful of elderly citizens who find it more difficult to travel safely. Be a good neighbour and help the elderly clear their walkways, assist them with errands if needed, and be particularly cautious and alert of pedestrians while driving.

Be safe this winter! Take caution while outside, wear proper footwear, and make sure to keep your own property well-maintained and free of dangerous ice patches.

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