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Navigating an Insurance Recovery Claim

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Navigating an Insurance Recovery Claim

We invest in home, health, and life insurance to protect ourselves in the event of disastrous circumstances. We hope these events never come to pass, but unfortunately in the course of life, they often do. When your insurance claims are denied, it can cause much emotional stress and harm, only adding to already difficult conditions. If your insurance claim has been denied due to error or misinterpretation, you should seek a legal remedy and get the compensation you are owed:

Contact an Insurance Recovery Lawyer

Attempting to navigate an insurance recovery claim on your own can be a difficult proposition. Anything you overlook or forget to document could mean you get nothing in the end. Insurance policies can be complex documents, and you can’t be expected to know every detail. So your first order of business should be to contact an experienced and qualified insurance recovery lawyer who can advise you throughout the process. From reviewing the policy to filing a grievance to seeking legal remedies if necessary, your lawyer can guide you through the entire process.

Identify Why Your Claim Was Denied

Some claims are denied for legitimate reasons, like providing incorrect information, failing to meet standards of due care, or not answering questions truthfully. If your claim was denied for one of these reasons, and that is not the case, or another inaccurate or invalid reason was provided, you have a right to complain. If no reasoning was provided, your insurance company has a legal obligation to provide an explanation. Your lawyer can work with you to identify the reason for denial and chart a course of action to find you a successful resolution.

Review Your Policy

Insurance policies of all types are very detailed documents, and they can be difficult for laypeople to parse. Review the policy with your lawyer to determine whether the reason for denial is justified by the policy. There may be inconsistencies or errors in the policy which invalidate a claim denial.

Collect all Details

If you want to build an insurance recovery case, it is vital that you gather all information. These details will differ based on the type of insurance case (like home, health, or auto). Document all facts about the inciting incident. Take pictures, and contact witnesses if applicable. If there are purchase receipts relating to the insurance claim (like a smoke detector), collect them. The more evidence you collect, the better chance you have of making a successful insurance recovery case.

Legal Resolutions

If your insurance company continues to deny the claim upon appeal and in the face of evidence, it may be time to seek a resolution in court.

At every stage of the process, your insurance recovery lawyer can guide you through this process and help you find a successful legal remedy to get the compensation you deserve.

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