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Medical Malpractice Claim Checklist

Doctors, nurses, and dentists have a professional and moral duty to act in your best interest with the utmost care. Negligent or reckless actions with violate this oath can lead to serious injury or even death. If you believe you have a medical malpractice claim, you should take the following steps: contact a malpractice lawyer, document everything, collect records, give notice of intent, and act fast because the statute of limitations is relatively short in this area.

What are Undisclosed, or Latent, Home Defects?

Undisclosed home defects are flaws in resale homes that buyers could not reasonably know about, even if they have conducted a thorough home inspection. These defects, like a mould problem or unsafe wiring, could cost the new homeowners time, money, or compromise the health and safety of residents. If sellers, inspectors, or real estate agents knew about these flaws and chose not to disclose, you may be justified in seeking legal remedy.

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Helpful Tips Slip & Fall March 3, 2015

5 Tips for a Safe Winter Season

Ottawa residents know all too well the dangers of walking on ice-covered sidewalks and driveways during our harsh Canadian winters. Read these tips to help avoid a painful slip and fall accident next winter. Don’t forget to be a Good Samaritan and help your elderly neighbours stay safe too.

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Helpful Tips February 25, 2015

8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Lawyer

Are you unsure of how to choose which prospective lawyer is right for you? We can help shed some light on the kind of queries you should be asking. Ask your prospective lawyer questions like “what is your area of specialization” and “how long have you been in practice.” The answers will help you make an informed decision and find the right lawyer for you.

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Helpful Tips Slip & Fall February 17, 2015

Dos and Don’ts of a Slip and Fall Accident

The actions you take in the moments following a slip & fall accident are extremely important should you seek damages for the harm suffered. That’s why we recommend following this list of dos and don’ts. Don’t lose control, blame yourself, or walk away from the scene. Do seek medical attention, report the incident, and contact a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights.

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Helpful Tips February 11, 2015

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

The right lawyer should have specialization in and deep knowledge of your particular legal area of need – you don’t want a corporate lawyer to address your personal injury case. The right lawyer should also offer personalized service and express sincere interest in finding a successful resolution to your case.

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Helpful Tips Ottawa February 4, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Lawyer Before You Need One

You shouldn’t wait until you are embroiled in an estate dispute or coping with a traumatic personal injury to hire a lawyer. Having access to a lawyer even when the waters are calm can be an invaluable resource. Your lawyer can provide advice and consultation, prevent damaging legal disputes from arising in the first place, and reduce stress and concern about legal issues.